1972 Enstrom F28A G-EGAN (SOLD)


This is a lovely Enstrom F28A Helicopter. The beauty of the Enstrom is that it doesn't have a calendar life. Unlike the Robinson, you can keep replacing the timed parts as they run out, and you never need an overhaul due to calendar life. The Enstrom is a stable, 3 blade helicopter with a fully articulated main rotor head, which is of higher inertia than the Robinsons, meaning that you have far more time to initiate autorotation in the unlikely event of power failure. It has AH, DI, VOR, 2 GPS units, 2 radios. Bose Headsets. New Tail Rotor Gearbox. New ARC C of A

Next Overhaul: Overdue
Next Annual: Overdue
Total Time: 0
Remaining Time: -
Price: 35,000 + VAT