1972 Enstrom F28a f 8a not a beauty f 8a
(No Longer Available)


This good Helicopter arrived today. Everything is in good shape and there are good remaining times(we got the remaining times from the last Hungarian maintenance company in hungary). the Heli comes with the Hungarian Paperwork. The last Maintenance organisation (Kobocoopkft) renewed the ARC 13 years. The hungarian ARC was due until last year. As you probably know, when you come across any Enstrom Helicopter, there is only one life limited part : The Lamiflex bearings in the MR Head. These are timed out by calendar. They have to be replaced every 5 years. Anything else has got no calendar life limitation! We know that is Heli needs at least a new 100h inspection, replacement of the Lamiflex bearings and then a new Airworthness review certificate (ARC). The Heli is already equipped with the new style instrument panel in the centre of the cabin. The interior is ok but would need some cosmetics. It depends what you are planing to do with the Heli....If you only want to burn down hours to get your commercial license, the do the technical things and fly... if you want a really reliable beauty, you should respray it, give it one of our designed Artworks, put leather interior inside and perform the technical work to get it back in the air. We do have Hungarian logbooks from the last owner. Maybe the best idea is, to keep it on the Hungarian register. Let us know your thoughts, It is not the nicest Helicopter, and needs some love, but one thing this is sure: It is the cheapest helicopter worldwide!!! Even high risky Experimental Helicopters are much more expensive... And if you compare it with a R22, you can fly this one for the rest of Your LIFE and not a few years until you reach the max. 12 y life of the Helicomponents of Robinsons etc ;-) But therefore you have to clear the paperwork situation with the last owner, Kobokoop Kft in Hungaria. Priced to sell quick. VAT, if applicable!

Equipment & Features

  • Helicopter Type: Piston
  • Engine: Lycoming
  • Year of Manufacture: 1972
  • Total Hours: 2180
  • Color: light red/orange
  • Condition: good
  • Price: 25000 Euro
Next Overhaul: Overdue
Next Annual: Overdue
Total Time: 2180
Remaining Time: -
Price: €25,000 + VAT