1988 Robinson R22 Beta 2 8 h/3y remaining under n-reg n-reg
(No Longer Available)


Brilliant R22 with standard equippment. It flies great and is aperfect candidate for an american N-reg. As you propably know under N-Reg (Part91), for private use, the Helicopter can beflown plus 12years, as long as the TBO are not exceeded and/or the calendar life limited parts are not timed out. At this Helicopter the Calendarlifelimited Parts have still enough time and hours remaining for the next three years/and or 281hrs (what comes first) to run For further Info, please contact us.
Without any problems it is possible to operate the heli in the whole world under N-reg. THerefore the Heli has to be put in a trust (if you are not a american citizen) The MR Blades were replaced in 2005 and the TR Blades were replaced in 2011.....so everything great!

Additional pictures will follow!
VAT, if applicable

Equipment & Features

  • Helicopter Type: R22 Beta 250h/3y N-reg
  • Engine: Lycoming O320 B2C
  • Year of Manufacture: 1988
  • Total Hours: 1919
  • Remaining Hours: 281
  • Color: darkredmetallic with gold Beta 2 Paintscheme
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Price: 38222 Euro
Next Overhaul: -
Next Annual: -
Total Time: 1919
Remaining Time: -
Price: €38,222 + VAT