2007 Robinson R22 Beta 2
(No Longer Available)


OBI arrived at our Location. It is a Beta 2 Version in light blue with the typical Beta 2 paint scheme. OBI is a nice looking Heli and was really busy in the last 7 Years, since it left the manufacturer. It was used as a Trainer at a very busy training school in Norway and it has got TSOH 2192. The Overhaul was performed in 2011, so it has got 8hrs and/or 8 Years remaining ;-)

It is a perfect Candidate for a 2200h Overhaul. It is standard equipped and we are happy to get you a quotation to bring it back in the Air for 12y/2200h..

Equipment & Features

  • Helicopter Type: R22 Beta 2
  • Engine: O360 J2A
  • Year of Manufacture: 2007
  • Expiration Year: 2023
  • Total Years: 7
  • Remaining Years: 9
  • Total Hours: 8792
  • Remaining Hours: 8
  • Color: Blue with a silver Beta 2 Paintscheme
  • Condition: Very nice
Next Overhaul: -
Next Annual: -
Total Time: 8792
Remaining Time: -
Price: €49,440 + VAT