1999 Robinson R44 Clipper OE-XXY
(No Longer Available)


This beautiful Helicopter (Astro, non hydraulic Clipper) has had only two owner since new.
The Heli was never used for Training, and was always hangared.
The TTSN on the Helicopter is 502h.

The engine has got 121hrs TSOH (Time since overhaul) and was Overhauled in 2012 at a Lycoming shop
XXY was built in 1999 and was used for private use from a owner of big oil tankers. He flew the heli really rarely. he flew 210 hours in 12y. We flew the hours until today and just performed a 12y Insepction iaw the FAA/EASA RHC.

Therefore it has a set of new MR Blades (Version C016-2) , which have now still 10y and/or 2100hrs reamaining, and a new tailrotor assy. That brought the Helicopter back to its status for a registration under EASA. That means that the Heli can be flown for private use until the calendar life limited items are running out of calendar(or hours-what comes first).

In 2014 now the bladder tanks have been installed and the helicopter painted from bare metal in dark blue metallic with a silver line on the side. It looks great!

Meanwhile we have uploaded the remaining times from last year, where the Heli had 434 hrs TTSN. That means to give you an overview you have to add meanwhile 70hrs on everything..

The Interior is grey stepped leather seats with dark blue carpets. Even the roof, the doorinlays and the back of the Firewall is coverd by the same style leather (we call it Bentley leather). all around the Helicopter has got tinted glass.

The Heli will be deliverd with a brand new ARC (Airwrthiness review Certificate) and we have the full history of the Heli as well.

Installed is a Transponder Mode "S", a Garming GPS, and a Kannand 406 ELT

The Heli had never any damage and looks like new in its perfect paint scheme.

Equipment & Features

  • Helicopter Type: Robinson R44 Clipper with stepped Leather interior
  • Engine: Lycoming O540 F1B5
  • Year of Manufacture: 1999
  • Expiration Year: 2024
  • Total Years: 14
  • Remaining Years: 12
  • Total Hours: 502
  • Remaining Hours: 1698
  • Color: dark blue metallic over Silverblue / Astroscheme
  • Condition: like new!
Next Overhaul: 01-Jan-2026
Next Annual: Overdue
Total Time: 502
Remaining Time: -
Price: €149,350 + VAT