1996 Robinson R44 g-rozi g-rozi
(No Longer Available)


G-ROZI just arrived today. We got her from her last owner, who had taken care of her over 8years now. He took really care of this really nice R44. ROZI has got a stunning original factory paintwork. It is really rare in this colorcombination. The grey, nearly new looking interior, in combination with the paintscheme, is an eyecatcher!

ROZI flies briliiant and the engine is running smooth an with lots of power. Wer always come across many Helicopters in different conditions. But ROZI is performing really great. It seems that the engine has got lots of power. It flies 100kts at 20inch Manifoldpressure. That means: low fuel cost, because of low fuel consumption!
ROZI was undergoing a 12year inspection in 2007. At that time the Mainrotor Blades had life left until 2011. That meant that at that time the Fuselage was undergoing the 12y inspection at London Helicopters. In 2011 the last owner was forced to buy brand new Set of Mainrotor Blades from Sloane, the Robinson Dealer in the UK. That means ROZI has got Mainrotorblades, which are gold worth! Even when ROZI ist timed out by calendar and/or hours the Mainrotor Blades still have lots of life left!
As ROZI is the high searched Astro version (without all the Hydraulicissues) it is a perfect candidate for private use! No hydraulicinstallation - means low maintenance costs (-:
For further Info please download the remaining times list, down on this page, below the pictures.

VAt if applicable!

Equipment & Features

  • Helicopter Type: Robinson R44 G-ROZI
  • Engine: Lycoming O540 F1B5
  • Year of Manufacture: 1996
  • Expiration Year: 2019
  • Total Years: 18
  • Remaining Years: 5
  • Total Hours: 1449
  • Remaining Hours: 751
  • Color: grey over white Astro Paintscheme
  • Condition: great!
Next Overhaul: -
Next Annual: -
Total Time: 1449
Remaining Time: -
Price: €102,427 + VAT