1991 Robinson R22 Mariner OH-HSL
(No Longer Available)


OH-HSL just arrived. It is a rare R22 mariner model with the high anticorrosion protection. Outside is in nice condition, inside it needs a bit of "love". We would expect to install new carpets and new leather seats (acutally there are cloth seats which are a bit worned out) installed.
HSL was used comercial in the arctic area (dry air) from a pipelineing company.

It is in running condition and the MR Blades have 420h and/or 2 years remaining. 
We think it is the perfect candidate for a 4400h Overhaul with new interior and new paintscheme (as it gets new tanks and a new Tailcone anyway). Then the Happy new owner gets a perl in newly condition back and can enjoy her for at least 12y and or / 2200h....
BTW: we have still some slots available for the overhaul to perform. As well we have a kit laying "around" ;-)...and a new overhauled engine ...

what do you think?

VAT, if applicable

Equipment & Features

  • Helicopter Type: R22 Mariner
  • Engine: Lycoming O320B2C
  • Year of Manufacture: 1991
  • Expiration Year: 2014
  • Total Years: 24
  • Color: red over white Beta Paintscheme
  • Condition: not too bad
Next Overhaul: Overdue
Next Annual: Overdue
Total Time: 0
Remaining Time: -
Price: €63,059 + VAT