1992 Robinson R22 Beta oh-had
(No Longer Available)


This R22 Beta just arrived. We think it is a perfect candidate for a 12/2200h Overhaul. The Aircraft is timed out by hours and by calendar. We have fresh overhauled engines for only the costs overhauling the engine on stock.As the Heli will get anyway new Bladdertanks we think it will be a good idea to change the paintscheme to the Beta 2. You can choose the color and the interior. Actually the Aircraft has got cloth seats and can be easy changed to the latest style Leatherseats. We have overhauling slots available for this Heli available. 
If you are quick, you can fly with this R22 Beta this summer home! 
VAt, if applicable.

Equipment & Features

  • Helicopter Type: Robinson R22 Beta
  • Engine: Lycomin O320 B2C
  • Year of Manufacture: 1992
  • Expiration Year: 2014
  • Total Hours: 6600
  • Color: Blue over white
  • Condition: good
Next Overhaul: 01-Apr-2027
Next Annual: Overdue
Total Time: 6600
Remaining Time: -
Price: €32,674 + VAT