Alouette gps system avmap ekp iv ekp iv
(No Longer Available)


This brilliant system just fits brilliant in a R44...Ready with the mounting..

HEre are the specification:


The AvMap EKP IV  features a 7" color LCD display, brilliant and sunlight-viewable, batteries sold separately.
Thanks to the new menu keys that strategically positioned along the sides of the new case, the unit can operate in Portrait and Landscape mode.

EKP-IV utilizes a  Compact Flash (CF) memory card preloaded with Software and Maps. 
The Cartography covers  Jeppesen data for Europe + Africa. The EKP includes Jeppesen's database with hundreds of ICAO airports as well as over 2000 European ULM Airfields and Heliports

The advanced navigation software offers some unique functions:

    • Full flight planning capability (up to 15 flight plans of up to 100 legs each) - Approaching waypoint alarm


    • Multiple views: Full or split HSI screens with data fields, nav data or full map view


    • - Importing and exporting of flight plans, waypoints and routes directly from EKP to the PC


    • Land elevation: a color coded map shows info on the terrain altitude.


    • Trip computer with: fuel, winds, timers


    • Editable checklists


    • Full simulator functions


    • - Integration with other onboard navigation systems: autopilot, GPS, external antenna


    • Low Airways (a.k.a Victor Airways in the USA) included


    • TAWS : Terrain Awareness and Warning System


    • Collision Avoidance : Compatible with ZAON PCAS XRX


    • - Practical full NAVDATA page, to get all the info you need at once.


  • Picture Management : Load your photos up to fullscreen size and assign them to an airport


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