Enstrom Logo Enstrom Helicopters do not have a calendar life limit so they do not run out of time after twelve years like the Robinsons. This means that if you don't use it for a year, then you haven't lost anything, unlike the Robinsons where you are a year closer to the twelve year limit. Each main part is given a life limit and when they reach that limit, will need to be overhauled or replaced, depending on the component.

With any type of helicopter there are the usual servicing costs, insurance premiums etc. that are payable to keep them airworthy whether or not the aircraft is actually flown

Enstrom F28A If you have trained on the Robinson, you will need to complete a 5 hour minimum conversion course followed by a flying test before you are allowed to fly the Enstrom.

Enstrom Helicopters have a higher inertia rotor system, so they do not lose rotor RPM nearly as quickly as the Robinsons in the event of an engine failure. The wider body also means that there is more room in the cockpit for two people and they are atcually licensed to carry three people. They also have a baggage compartment behind the engine.