• Helicopter Sales

    Want to purchase a helicopter?
    Need to sell your helicopter?

  • Parts (coming soon)

    Useable parts for your aircraft or non-useable parts for a project.

  • Pilot (coming soon)

    Weather, NOTAMs and movement logging.

  • Owner (coming soon)

    Useful information for and about ownership.

Helimove offers a range of services. Primarily we buy and sell small helicopters and we realise that helicopter ownership and use can be daunting at first. The sheer expense of using a helicopter means that it is not for everyone. We try to offer help and advice to anyone interested in helicopters, whether that is buying, flying or just looking at these superb machines.

Selecting which type to buy and selecting when is best to make a purchase can be confusing and subject to many factors. We try to shed some light on different aspects so that you can make an informed choice.

We aim to provide the private pilot with an affordable helicopter to suit their individual needs through our own helicopter sales.