Robinson R44 Trailer

Description (from seller)

We are offering a trailer, especially for the Robinson R44/R66.

The Trailer can be stretched, when a Heli is loaded and can be put back together,  so that it is no bigger than a car transporter.

The Heli can be rolled on, so there is no need for dangerous flights on the trailer. It has blade support systems for a safe journey of your R44 or R66.

Never had any damage despite use from north of Norway, south of Greece, Northern Ireland and Portugal. The Heli is safe stored and can be driven over thousands of kilometers. We do have the permission for using on 100km/h on the motorways. The offered trailer is the one we used. As we are traveling so lot with the trailers, we exchange them every 2 years and this one offered here is now nearly two years old.

It is still in use and can be viewed by appointment at any time

The Heli, which is shown on the picture is not included ;-)

Equipment & Features

  • Year of Manufacture: 2012
Next Overhaul: -
Next Annual: -
Total Time: 0
Remaining Time: -
Price: €11,227 + VAT